Rolling tracks installation adapted to heavy equipment.
By having the rolling tracks installed by MEGALIFT, the movement of your heavy equipment will be done safely and conveniently, it’s guarantee.

164 pieds linéaires de voies

When using hydraulic gantry cranes of 25 or 100 tons, the installation of the rails is essential. Mega Lift Canada has the largest track inventory in Quebec, which gives us unmatched flexibility when it comes to working with lifting cranes. By carrying a heavyweight and relying only on small wheels, the gantry could be blocked by the uneven condition of the floor, or even worse, smash it. The installation of these rails ensures the leveling of the floor, as well as the distribution of the weight equally over a larger surface. Made from double rails (which receive the base of the jacks), they are equipped with a guide allowing the alignment of the cylinders when moving the hydraulic gate.

Made of ‘H’ beam whose vertical part is doubled, these rails are available in lengths varying from 4 to 20 feet that can be assembled to obtain the desired length. When traveling long distances, the rails are reused as the gantry moves.

We have a total of 164 linear feet of track.

  • 4 lengths of 20 feet
  • 2 lengths of 12 feet
  • 2 lengths of 10 feet
  • 4 lengths of 8 feet
  • 2 lengths of 4 feet

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