By the very nature of the items to be moved, some tasks may seem gigantic, due to their weight, location, distances to travel, etc. Efficient planning becomes the key to success in maximizing resources and keeping costs to a minimum.

That’s why we offer a Consulting service based on the concrete needs of your company. We tailor each of our plans and planning steps to your industrial handling or lifting project. Our experience will bring you solutions that will meet your expectations. Our proposals can be integrated into your overall plan.

Our submissions can be the starting point of your project. In short, we will accompany you throughout your efforts to complete all your projects.

Contact us now and put our team of experts to work in the early stages of your project. We will advise you properly and help you relieve the stress from your shoulders!

Handling Services

Our industrial handling service is focused on efficiency and thoroughness. Mega Lift has also a wide range of trailers and trucks allowing it to transport anything.

Our staff works with meticulousness and precision to ensure the transport of your equipment and materials without any worries.

Don’t hesitate to contact us: we will gladly provide you with a high-quality transport service, which will bring your projects to the next level.

Industrial Lifting Services

Our company has built strong expertise through its countless achievements, as well as its partnerships with consulting engineers, general mechanical builders, installers and manufacturers, transport companies, and many others. We work with state-of-the-art equipment in order to offer you a superior service that suits your needs.

Mobilift Cranes: With a minimum turning radius and a 44-foot mast, they have a lifting capacity of 150,000 lbs. Their deployment is quick once on the site, which significantly reduces installation costs compared to other lifting equipment.

Electric Cranes: An asset on sites with restricted access. With a 22 tons capacity (20 metric tons), it can be used indoors and outdoors.

Hydraulic Gantry: Mainly used for lifting and moving heavy parts in a straight line. This device consists of beams and hydraulic cylinders (2 to 4). The gantry is installed on rails to facilitate its movement. Capacity is varying from 10 to 400 tons.

Our 25 years of experience is an additional guarantee of safety and reliability of our industrial lifting operations.

Equipment rental

Once your list of needs is established, our team of experts will advise you on the equipment and accessories needed to carry out your projects. We are then able to rent you the equipment required to perform the task as efficiently and economically as possible.

We are equipped to move all these heavy and specialized equipment directly to your location in order to supervise their installation and preparation. This allows us to significantly reduce the time to be operational. With such equipment, the implementation and use are not easy: for this reason, any rental requires the services of our experienced operators.

Whether it’s for the use of our hydraulic gantry or the operation of our compact cranes, we will be by your side to help you carry out your projects.

Check out our Equipment section to see the range of equipment and accessories we offer for rent.

Do you need a quote for an industrial handling project?

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