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Who we are

After having cumulated several years of experience in the field of large format cranes, Jean Lesage founded Mega Lift in 1989. Anxious to meet the various demands of a clientele requiring the lifting and handling of heavy loads in restricted environments, he chose to develop this expertise and offers services focused on fulfilling these demands. Since then, Mega Lift has been able to refine and improve their knowledge, skills, and expertise in this field, thanks to work in collaboration with engineering in consulting firms, general construction, manufacturers, among others.

In 2011, Mr. Lesage handed the reins of management to a new generation of entrepreneurs, younger and more dynamic, but determined to maintain Mega Lift as a leader in the industry of industrial lifting and industrial handling. With its new partners, the company can now offer an even more comprehensive range of services to its customers, such as on-demand consulting and equipment rental services. All done with the professionalism and expertise that caracterized Mega Lift since its foundation, some 30 years earlier.

Our mission

It’s simple. At Mega Lift, our mission is to offer a completely adapted service to the industrial lifting and handling needs of our diversified clientele. As shown by our past 30 years of accomplishments, we are successfully realizing all of our customers’ projects thanks to the use of materials that are as maneuverable as they are efficient. Our Mobilift cranes have a lifting capacity approaching 150,000 lbs, which is very practical for restricted areas.

In 2013, we bought an electric crane with a 22 tons capacity (20 metric tons), ideal for areas where any fumes could be a problem. As for our hydraulic gantries, they can combine the use of 2 or 4 hydraulic cylinders for lifting loads varying from 20 to 400 tons.

Whether it’s for the demolition of the Bonaventure Expressway using two 44A gantry bridge systems, for the replacement of concrete slabs in the Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine tunnel or for the handling of a 33,000 lbs engine inside a factory, we will take care of your industrial lifting project with professionalism and efficiency.

No doubt; Mega Lift holds the solution to all your needs in lifting and handling heavy loads.

Our engagement

At Mega Lift, we are personally committed to providing you with expert lifting and industrial handling services, as well as consulting and equipment rental services tailored to your specific needs. Every project we do is based on these specific commitments:

  • An accurate and quick assessment of your needs
  • Strict security of the intervention site
  • The use of reliable and carefully maintained equipment
  • Professional and efficient service from A to Z

Rely on more than 30 years of experience in industrial lifting and industrial handling. Do business with Mega Lift now.

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