Often forgotten, accessories can make the difference between a task that runs smoothly and ones with additional time and cost. Will the machine be lifted with chains or with slings? Can we attach directly or do we need shackles and what size and capacity? The charge is taken directly or with the assistance of a spreader beam? Should we cover the floor with steel plates?

To help you carry out your projects, we offer a range of accessories that will facilitate lifting operations and ultimately reduce running time. Don’t forget them in your planning.Check out our list of accessories to determine which ones will be best for your project.


Forged steel piece of 2 components: the stirrup in the shape of ‘U’ and a movable axis serving as a rod. The shackle is used to facilitate the installation of chains on the item to be lifted, usually at the top 4 corners.


Equipped with hooks and rings, chains are the main lifting accessories. Mainly used with adequate shackles. We most often use chains with links varying from 3/8 ” to 1” with capacities of more than 15 tons each. The lengths may vary and some are even adjustable.


Flexible lifting accessory (often made of nylon, polyester or Kevlar) to lift an irregular shaped item or one that can not be attached from above. We use slings with a 2 to 50 tons capacity each.


Beam or Spreader beams used to distribute the lifting force when the item to be lifted is wide enough, so the chains or slings are more vertical.


When installing raceways, the crates are used to give some elevation and support to the rails. Different heights are available.


In addition to being components of lifting cranes, adding lifting beams above the gantry (to form a rectangle) increases the number of potential attachment points, especially if the object to be lifted is particularly long.

‘D’ shape rings

Rings that can slide on the lifting beam to create a mobile attachment point and on which the shackle is attached.

Lateral displacement system

New at Mega Lift since spring 2017: we bought a lateral displacement system with a 100 tons capacity. With this tool, manipulations, handling or moving using gantry are even more precise and effective than before!

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