Over the last few years, our company has developed strong expertise in the field of industrial lifting and handling. We had the opportunity to work in partnership with companies of different types: consulting engineers, general builders, installers and manufacturers of machinery and cranes, transport companies,etc.

Our equipment fleet allows us to offer calibrated solutions according to the specific needs of our customers, whether it’s in terms of lifting capacity, the type of equipment to be lifted, or the space configuration.

Mobilift Crane

Mega Lift works with two Mobilift 75 tons cranes, each equipped with Cummins diesel engines with catalysts, making them the ultimate indoor lifting units.

These devices are equipped with retractable counterweights that can operate in relatively small areas. For more versatility, two of the counterweights can be easily removed, making it easier to transport lighter loads. These cranes have as a special feature: a bearing system on 3 points of support that gives them a minimum turning radius, a 44 feet-tall mast and a lifting capacity that is close to 150,000 lbs. They are ready to operate as soon as they are unloaded from the transport platform, which considerably reduces the installation costs of other interior lifting systems. In addition, cranes can be operated in tandem. With a less than 8 feet width, they can be used side by side or even at each end of a heavy load for its movement.

Wishing to meet the highest standards in health and safety, Mega Lift Canada has modernized the engine of our Mobilift number 2, named Popeye. Equipped with a brand new Ford propane engine, it now meets the highest standards in health and safety in a factory, while being significantly less noisy than its previous Cummings engine.

Electric crane

We added a 22 tons (20 metric tons) electric crane to our fleet. Also using a 3-point rolling system (with 6 wheels), this crane is an asset on a size-restricted site or where ventilation is not adequate for diesel cranes. In addition, this crane can be operated both indoors and outdoors because of its larger wheels.

This crane has great flexibility: in addition to a fixed hook of a 22 tons’ capacity and a hook cable of 16 tons, it has an articulated dart of 4 tons’ capacity. This dart is the key to the success of our 22t Electric Crane: it allows us to carry out lifts with minimum clearance in height, or to work indoors, even in places with roof joists!

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